FS InVISION™ Seed Corn

FS InVISION™ continues to be the better choice in seed corn. Offering the best- in-class traits and genetics, InVISION proves to be a high-yield and high-profit corn brand that growers have come to trust.  

FS InVISION™ Seed Corn

Proven Performance

Year after year, InVISION continues to out-yield the competition, promising you the highest profit potential at harvest.   Check out our local yield data to see how FS InVISION is performing in your area.

Genetic Diversity and Flexibility


Having access to the best traits and genetics in the industry allows FS seed product managers to choose the right seed for your operation. Each decision is made specifically with growers in mind.  View our proven products in the catalog below, or download the full guide here.