FS HiSOY® is an industry soybean leader with a history of proven performance. Our products give you flexibility and choice of genetic and trait packages, so whatever your growing conditions, you can count of FS HiSOY for big yields. Check out our exciting new varieties we are adding to our already proven line-up. 


HS 18E00

Adaptable Strength | RM 1.8
Technology - Enlist E3™

Widely adapted to fit all growing environments


HS 21E00

Stand Strong | RM-2.1
Technology - Enlist E3™

The E3 leader for Early-Group 2 maturity


HS 21F00

Solid Performer | RM - 32.1
Technology - XtendFlex®

Solid performance from Nothern Iowa to Michigan


HS 22X00

Group 2 Grit | RM - 2.2
Technology - Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®

Yield leader in Early Group 2 maturity range


HS 23E00

Ironman | RM - 2.3
Technology - Enlist E3™

Yield and SDS tolerance improvement over HS 23E90


HS 24F00

Broad Acre Bean | RM - 2.4
Technology - XtendFlex®/STS®

High performing XtendFlex line from East to West


HS 25E00

Yield King | RM - 2.5
Technology - Enlist E3®

Offensive Powerhouse


HS 26F00

Grade A | RM - 2.6
Technology - XtendFlex® / STS®

Good standability,Brown Stem Tor and Phytophthora Root field tolerance


HS 28B00

First out of the gate | RM - 2.8
Technology - LIBERTYLINK® GT27®

Yield improvement over HS 28B90 across Midwest trials


HS 28F00

Late Group 2 Contender | RM - 2.8
Technology - XtendFlex®

Stable and consistent performance across the midwest


HS 30F00

Central Region Competitor | RM - 3.0
Technology - XtendFlex®

Consistent performance across the board


HS 30X00

A Step Ahead | RM - 3.0
Technology - Roundup Ready Xtend®

Handles wet feet well with good phytophthora Root Rot tolerance


HS 31B00

The Row Filler | RM - 3.1
Technology - LIBERTYLINK® GT27®

The LLGT27 yield leader for Early -Group 3 maturity range


HS 32E00

Tough All Over | RM - 3.3
Technology - Enlist E3®

The E3 yield leader for Early-Group 3 maturity range


HS 33F00

The Next Generation | RM - 3.3
Technology - XtendFlex®

Excellent emergence, Brown Stem Rot and Iron Deficiency Chlorosis


HS 34F00

South Central Success | RM - 3.4
Technology - XtendFlex®

Very good emergence and excellent No-till variety that moves South well


HS 35B00

The Next Contestant | RM - 3.5
Technology - LIBERTYLINK® GT27®

Yield upgrade over HS 34B90 and HS 36B90


HS 35F00

First Class Performance | RM - 3.5
Technology - XtendFlex®  

Strongest performance in Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio


HS 35X00

Stands like a Tree | RM - 3.5
Technology - Roundup Ready Xtend®  

Excellent standability with very good agronomic package


HS 37F00

Agronomic Excellence | RM - 3.7
Technology - XtendFlex®  

Stem Canker Resistant with above average Phytophthora Root Rot Tolerance


HS 38B00

First String | RM - 3.8
Technology - LIBERTYLINK®  GT27®

The LLGT27 yield leader for Late-Group 3 maturity range


HS 38X00

Top Pick From Missouri to Ohio | RM - 3.8
Technology - Roundup Ready Xtend® / STS®

Excellent performing variety with STS® stack.


HS 39C00

The Benchmark | RM - 3.9
Technology - Conventional \ STS®

Yield improvement over HS 39C42 and brings along the STS® stack


HS 39E00

Cool Under Pressure | RM - 3.9
Technology - Enlist E3®

Bushy plant style that closes the rows quickly and is widely adapted


HS 39F00

Lower Midwest Leader | RM - 3.9
Technology - XtendFlex®

Good standability and emergence; Stem Canker Resistant


HS 41F00

Rise Against Southern Threats | RM - 4.1 
Technology - XtendFlex®

Very strong performance in Missouri, Southern IL, and Kentucky


HS 42F00

Yield Stabalizer | RM - 4.2 
Technology - XtendFlex® / STS®

Stable performance across the lower Midwest



HS 43E00

Number One | RM - 4.3 
Technology - Enlist E3®

The E3 yield leader for Early-Group 4 maturity range from Nebraska to Ohio


HS 44F00

Southern Strength | RM - 4.4 
Technology - XtendFlex®

Thrived best in Southern IL, Southern IN, and Kentucky


HS 45E00

Beauty That Yields | RM - 4.5 
Technology - Enlist E3®

Yield chart-topper across Missouri and Southern IL


HS 46F00

The Challenger | RM - 4.6 
Technology - XtendFlex®

Beautiful looking variety with high yield potential from East to West